Doctor Who: race-swap casting (and let’s just pretend everyone can fake accents really well)


in response to someone asking why i didn’t make the originally non-white characters other races (like why i made martha white instead of asian or something): yes, this was fun for me, but it’s also indicative of a really messed-up culture in which POC are either rendered completely invisible in the media or treated as token minorities. whites being constructed as the default and 99% of the role models/characters that we see being white are parts of such a ubiquitous pattern that sometimes we don’t even realize how whitewashed shows are. so if people go through this picspam and think, “damn, where are all the white people?” maybe it’ll prompt them to think about how underrepresented and marginalized POC are in the media. if i made the originally non-white characters another minority, that effect might be lost.

also, this was just fun to make.

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You had me at Chiwetel Ejiofor and Iman.

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